1xbet Privacy Policy in Bangladesh

We respect your right to privacy and protect each user’s personal data in accordance with the terms of the 1xbet Privacy Policy. We must retain data submitted by users for as long as it remains in our database after it has been entered, in accordance with legal requirements. With regard to the processing, storage and use of personal data, our company complies with national and international regulations. 

Our policy also covers issues such as data privacy, legal rights of 1xbet users, transparency and public knowledge of our use of personal data. It also includes current information about our company and contact details.

We treat every player with respect and dignity, because we’re transparent about how we use personal data, so you’ll have no trouble finding out.

How does 1xbet Bangladesh collect personal data?

According to the privacy policy, many techniques are used to collect users’ personal information, such as :

  • Unequivocal cooperation. In this case, you can provide us with your contact, personal and financial information during the registration process, on any communication channel and during any interaction with us.
  • Publicly available sources. We may use any information about you that is available from other sources, including public databases and other parties.
  • Either through your browser or the device you use. In addition, we may be able to see your browser, IP address and device.
  • Application. When you download our application, we are able to see the files and data used in it.

Please note that we reserve the right to terminate the contract if the player fails to provide the necessary information.

How does 1xbet use customer information? 

In accordance with the law and 1xbet’s privacy policy, we may use the personal information of Bangladesh ais players for the following purposes:

  • To provide services such as betting, casino gaming and money processing; 
  • Prevent fraud and money laundering by requiring account registration, login and verification; 
  • to manage advertising campaigns; 
  • Check user preferences and improve service quality; 
  • To manage advertising campaigns ; 
  • Identifying wrongdoing ; 
  • To assist, investigate and resolve disputes regarding our services; 
  • Identify risks and put an end to any illegal activity, such as money laundering;
  • In compliance with the law, notably to meet licensing requirements or in response to a request from an official entity.

We can protect platform users’ money and stop any illegal activity by implementing the measures described above, while providing the necessary support. You can always contact support staff or change your personal profile settings to stop receiving advertising alerts.

Marketing content 

1xbet may send promotional messages to its customers using the telephone number, e-mail address or other sources you provide. These communication channels will be used to inform you about our current offers, including discounts, bonuses and services. This information will only be sent with your consent.

You have the option to unsubscribe from receiving marketing messages, either when you create your account or at a later date, using tools such as : 

  • Access player account settings ; 
  • Contact us by e-mail or chat.

When using the 1xbet mobile app, you can choose to disable advertising on your device. However, we strongly encourage you to subscribe to our promotional mailings so you don’t miss out on any amazing offers.

Communication of data to third parties 

We never disclose, sell or share personal information with third parties, with the exception of the few recipients listed below. We are authorized to provide personal information to the following recipients in accordance with our intra-group agreement:

  • Authorities. This group includes governmental, fiscal and legislative agencies that have the right to request information concerning offences and to conduct criminal investigations.
  • Service providers. Companies that create software, games, security systems, marketing services, etc. make up this group.
  • Consulting professionals. These include auditors, lawyers and bankers.

It is also important to keep in mind that in the event that 1xbet is acquired or merged with another company, your data will be transferred to the new owners. Furthermore, we do not authorize third parties to use our customers’ personally identifiable information for their own purposes.

Data protection measures

To ensure that data processing complies with strict requirements, employees, organizations and other parties with direct access to 1xbet users’ personal data sign non-disclosure agreements. In addition, we have procedures in place to help detect bad behavior on the platform. As soon as they are discovered, you will receive notification as well as the relevant authorities, and the problem will be resolved with the appropriate action.

Data retention 

Our company retains each player’s personal information in order to protect our customers and meet our legal obligations. The length of the retention period depends on a number of criteria, including the volume and type of data provided to us, the reason for using our platform, the conduct of injury or criminal action, and so on.