1xBet CS2: A Comprehensive Review

1xBet CS2 is one of the most popular eSports betting categories on the site. The reason for this is the high growth of trends related to betting on eSports and their similarity to classic sports events. Here, bettors can also place bets on the total, winner, round score, etc. 

CS2 came out on September 27, 2023, and changed the game to a new level. It is a new version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), which has been one of the major eSports for nine years since its release in 2014. CS2 brought new events, more pleasant graphics (for players and spectators), and new features like better environmental effects and the anti-cheat system that ends a match when a cheater is spotted.At the same time, CS2 betting has grown in popularity. eSports has many more tournaments and events that you can follow 24/7, place bets and win. But first things first.

1xBet Mobile App for CS2 Betting

Betting on CS2 in the mobile app

Since CS2 (or even CS2 for now) is a cyber sports discipline, most of the events are held online. Major tournaments (LAN) also exist and are comparable to the classic Champions League or World Cup. In any case, as mentioned above, they take place almost 24/7, and in order not to miss hot derbies, a convenient mobile application is available for 1xBet CS2 betting. It has several main advantages:

  • Free. You can download the application for free from the official 1xBet website or via the App Store.
  • Quick access to bets. The application replicates the design and interface of the main site while maintaining all available categories, matches and betting options.
  • Convenience. By placing bets in the mobile application, you can wager anytime and anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. You can also keep up to date with the latest results, bets offered to teams, etc.

To download the 1xBet CS2 betting app, in the upper right corner, click on the MOBILE APP button. Optionally, sections for downloading are located in the footer of the site. Next, on a new page, click on the icon with the operating system of your device and simply follow the download and installation instructions.

The History of 1xBet and Its Role in Cybersport Betting

The history of 1xbet and its role in cybersport betting

1xBet has been providing eSports betting options for quite some time and was one of the first bookmakers to offer this option. The approximate rise of eSports betting began in 2012, with the release of CS2. Before this, there were various popular community platforms where you could place bets, but only with in-game skins.One of the clear examples of how 1xBet CS2 betting sites are developing eSports is its sponsorship of various teams, including MIBR, OG Esports, Na’Vi and so on. The company also sponsors various tournaments and eSports events, for example, Skyesports. Thanks to this, potential bettors develop an understanding that betting on eSports can be done legally and safely and without using the services of unreliable bookmakers for gambling.

CS2 Betting Options at 1xBet

Cybersport betting options

The advantage of betting sites for CS2 is that they provide the same betting options as in classic sports. This means that even if you are new to eSports, you will be familiar with the betting options, even if you are seeing this game for the first time. Betting options at 1xBet include:

  • Bet on the outcome. Victory of one or the other team. Simple but very popular bet option both for new gamblers and regular experienced bettors.
  • Total. In the CS2 game, total bets can be placed on the number of cards or rounds. Nachya, in this case, is a rare phenomenon, and in 99% of cases, it simply does not exist (here is a small difference for you).

Besides this, other options are not so familiar and rather random. For example, winning a pistol round, winning a team in one of the sides (CT or T), winning a knife round, etc. For some LAN tournaments, the CS2 betting sites may offer exclusive options to highlight the importance and uniqueness of the event.

Features and Benefits of Betting on CS2 at 1xBet

In addition to a convenient and reliable betting experience, the platform has also other features, including:

  • High CS2 betting odds;
  • Real-Time betting option;
  • Generous betting bonuses and promotions;
  • Regular updates of event schedules;
  • Tournaments for betting at different levels, from low divisions to PRO leagues.

You cannot use any CS2 betting skins on the 1xBet website. Bets are only available for real money.

One of the most popular features among Bangladeshi bettors is Live broadcasting. You can follow the match directly on the 1xBet website, where the official Twitch/Youtube channel is automatically rebroadcast. Thanks to this, live betting also becomes available, which is more interesting for many.

Tips for Betting on CS2 at 1xBet

Competitive and classic betting are not too different. The same goes for betting strategies and CS2 betting tips. First of all, analyze statistics, strengths/weaknesses of teams (e.g., map, rounds, playing style, etc.), news, CS2 betting odds, etc. Also, set yourself bankroll limits for betting so that you don’t go all-in for every event and odds. The main rule that all bettors must adhere to is: If you doubt the bet, skip it.

Bonuses and Promotions for Betting on CS2 at 1xBet

Bonuses and promotions for CS2

Feel free to use various 1xBet bonuses. With their help, you can increase the amount of funds in your account and, accordingly, the number of available bets of different levels. First of all, pay attention to the welcome 100% Deposit Bonus, which is available to beginners who have just registered. For regular bettors, various weekly offers are available, including weekly cashback, express bonuses, risk-free bets, and much more.

How to Start Betting on CS2 at 1xBet

You will need a few simple steps if you want to bet and win. First of all, this is registration. Simply select Bangladesh and BDT in the appropriate registration fields and click “Register.” Your new account is ready.Next, make your first deposit (don’t forget about the welcome bonus). All popular payment methods in their region are available to Bangladeshi users, including bank cards, Nagad, digital wallets, Rocket, etc. Once the money is in your account, click eSports (at the top of the screen), find CS2 betting lines on the right side of the site, select an event and place your first bet on betting sites for CS2.


  • Is 1xBet CS2 betting legal?

    CS2 betting belongs to the general betting pool, so there is no difference in the legality of this option.

  • Is it possible to bet with skins from the game?

    No. On the 1xBet website, you cannot follow CS2 betting with skins. Optionally, you can sell the skin on special platforms and then deposit it with real money.

  • How to follow CS matches?

    For convenient search and betting, a schedule is available on the website. You can also watch live broadcasts directly on the bookmaker’s website.

  • What betting options are available for Bangladeshi bettors?

    The list of betting options depends on the event or category. Click on a match, and a full list of bet types will appear at the bottom.

  • How can I check my bet history?

    First, Сlick My Account>Bet History. On the new page, you can configure the display of history through the calendar.