1xbet Affiliate Program

Every user from Bangladesh can join the affiliate program 1xbet. By becoming an affiliate of the company, you can start earning good money by attracting new users to join 1xbet. For each new referred user, 1xbet will pay up to 40% commission profit. At the same time, the operator provides its partners with all the necessary promotional materials. Earned money within the partnership is available for withdrawal by dozens of reliable and fast payment methods.Become a partner 1xbet Bangladesh, advertise the company’s services and start earning good profits today.

What is 1xbet Partners Program

1xbet affiliate program is a system that allows you to monetise your traffic. By promoting the company’s products using special advertising materials, referral links and promo codes, and attracting new users to register with 1xbet, you will earn profit. For each new customer who registers and uses the company’s services, 1xbet will pay you up to 40% commission. Moreover, each 1xbet partner can count on other privileges within the affiliate program, such as being accompanied by a personal assistant, receiving unique promotional materials, recommendations on marketing strategy, potentially increased payout odds, automatic weekly commission payments, and more.

How to earn with 1xbet

To join the affiliate 1xbet program and start earning money by attracting new customers, you first need to register. The process of participating in the affiliate 1xbet program is as follows:

  1.  Create an affiliate account.

Visit the 1xbet platform via your computer browser or mobile smartphone, or use the mobile application for Android or iOS. Go to the “Affiliate Program” section, and click the “Sign Up” button to open the registration form, which you need to fill out. 

  1. Get a personal ID.

By registering an account in the affiliate program, you will be assigned a unique identifier, thanks to which the player is assigned to you.

  1. Start attracting customers.

Start attracting new users by sending them promotional materials with invitations to join 1xbet or a referral link. You can also advertise 1xbet’s services on your website, blog, forum, in your social media groups, mailing lists, and other possible sources of communication.

  1. Make a profit.

For each new user who registers with 1xbet through your referral link or through the promotional materials you send, the company will pay you up to 40% commission. All profits made are available for withdrawal via more than 30 payment methods available in Bangladesh.

One-Click Registration

For quick registration in the 1xbet affiliate program, you can use a simplified registration form. However, when receiving commissions and creating a withdrawal request, the affiliate will need to visit the profile menu and provide full information in the corresponding empty fields.

By creating an affiliate account at 1xbet you will be given a unique link to attract new customers. It is also called a referral link. Send the referral link to your friends, acquaintances or potential players, inviting them to join 1xbet clients. This referral link will help the company to recognise that the customer has come specifically because of your invitation, which will result in a profit for you. Thanks to the linking mechanism, the referred players are assigned to the partner for life.

Advantages of the 1xbet Affiliate Program

Many of the 1xbet Bangladesh users have already joined the 1xbet affiliate program and are earning good money from it. In addition to the good profits that can be made for each referred customer, 1xbet affiliates also note the following advantages of the program:

  • A favourable lifetime commission, which allows you to earn up to 40% commission from each referred client;
  • Regular profit payments, which occur every week automatically;
  • A large promotional base consisting of many media promos in your language, which helps to promote the product;
  • Access to real-time statistics showing the activity of players attracted to the platform;
  • Receive recommendations on marketing strategy;
  • Round-the-clock support by a personal manager;
  • Opportunity to attract clients using 1xbet partner app;
  • Opportunity to use earnings for your own gambling activities on the 1xbet platform;
  • The monetisation of traffic to your website, channel, group or public;
  • Unique bonuses and promotions for your audience;
  • All the necessary information is in the personal cabinet;
  • Transparent terms of cooperation.

How does the 1xBet affiliate program work

The 1xbet Affiliate Program works as follows: you create an affiliate account, advertise and promote the company’s products to attract new customers, and receive income from each referred user. Let’s understand it in more detail.

Having received approval from 1xbet for your participation in the affiliate program, you can log in to your account, where you are greeted by a notification with the actual domain for your affiliate link. The main page displays the main account details. You will be able to see how much money you have earned per day, the current month, the last 30 days, the total amount of money earned, and how much is available for withdrawal. This information can also be viewed in the form of a graph. Below you can find quick statistics on the main sections of the reports, where you can study statistics on individual players, promotional materials used, bonus amounts, commission amounts, and other information.

Providing an up-to-date source of traffic is a prerequisite for the affiliate program, so it is necessary to specify the resources you use. This is necessary for 1xbet to understand what sources of traffic players are coming from, whether prohibited types of traffic are not used to promote the company’s brand, as well as to create links to tracking the effectiveness of traffic.

There is also a Marketing Tools section in the menu, which you can use to promote the company’s products.

Attracting players

Speaking of marketing tools, 1xbet provides its partners with everything they need. For example, you can use ready-made templates, banners, coupons, promo codes, and other XML tools to attract new customers. Each of the available promotional tools can be used on your personal website, channel, group, or publicist while adding your referral code.

Everyone who uses your promotional materials to sign up for 1xbet will earn you 40% commission.

How much can I earn with 1xBet Partners

There are no limits to how much you can earn with the 1xbet Affiliate Program. You can constantly increase your earnings by attracting more and more new customers. Your earnings directly depend on the revenue 1xbet receives from those new users who registered through your referral link, as well as on the quality of traffic. 

Each new affiliate immediately after registration receives a commission of 20% of the company’s net revenue generated by new users referred by the affiliate for 3 calendar months. After the expiration of this period, the commission will be from 15% of the net profit of the Company with the possibility of increasing the percentage, depending on the number of new users up to 40%. 

If a Partner fails to attract more than 3 new users during 3 consecutive calendar months, the Company has the right to change the terms of cooperation, including reducing the commission amount, or suspend the Partner’s account.

Promoting 1xBet

There are many effective channels to promote 1xbet products, which in turn will attract new customers and allow profiting from it. For example, a partner can use email distribution of promotional materials, place information and advertising banners on their websites, as well as use contextual advertising.

SMM Promotion

One of the tools for attracting new players is social networks. Partners can place promotional materials about 1xbet services on such traffic sources as their own websites, channels, public, forums, blogs, their own groups in social networks and other possible sources of communication.

Creatives for partners

Each partner can use ready-made marketing materials. By visiting the Marketing Tools section in the profile menu, you will get access to affiliate links, promotional materials, coupons, banners, templates, and promo codes. All of them have a unique identifier, which helps the company to identify which partner the players came from and assign them to it. For each affiliate attracted through marketing tools, 1xbet will award weekly commissions that can be withdrawn.

What are the payment methods

At 1xbet, affiliates from Bangladesh can withdraw their earnings from the affiliate program using more than 30 different payment methods. Each of the presented payment methods is legal, reliable, fast and convenient. Payment methods such as bank cards, e-wallets, wire transfers, and more than 20 cryptocurrency wallets are available for the withdrawal transaction.

Cryptocurrency withdrawals

For referrals who prefer cryptocurrency transactions, 1xbet offers more than 20 secure cryptocurrency wallets. You can receive payouts in the form of earned commissions using cryptocurrency wallets such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Tron, Ethereum, Dash, Ripple, Stellar, Tether and others. At the same time, withdrawal operations using cryptocurrencies are as fast as possible, and the 1xbet operator does not charge any fees for using these payment methods.


  • Do I have to pay to join the 1xbet affiliate program?

    No, you can sign up for the 1xbet affiliate program for free.

  • How long do I have to wait for approval of my application to join the 1xbet Affiliate Program?

    Consideration of an application for participation in the affiliate program takes no more than 48 hours.

  • What is the maximum earnings I can get by becoming a 1xbet affiliate?

    The amount of earnings within the loyalty program has no limits. Earnings will constantly grow as more new customers are attracted to the company.

  • Can I use the 1xbet partner app to attract new clients?

    Yes, you can 1xbet partner app download from the official website of the company and earn commissions by attracting new clients from anywhere in Bangladesh.

  • Is it legal to participate in the 1xbet affiliate program in Bangladesh?

    Yes, as the company complies with all legal regulations in all countries where it provides its services, including Bangladesh, and also has an official licence from Curacao.