1xbet Aviator Game Online

Aviator is a world-famous multiplayer slot in the Crash/Instant genre. This game is great for players who want to get a win as quickly as possible, as well as influence the size and likelihood of that winning. Aviator is similar in format and concept to other equally popular crash games such as Spaceman, JetX, Pilot, Maverick, and others. In games of this genre, players can get a win in literally 2 clicks where their strategic decisions play a more important role than luck. Here, players from Bangladesh will find a comprehensive 1xbet Aviator review, including the benefits of the game and how to start playing for real money.

1xbet Aviator – How to Play

How to play the aviator game

Any player from BD can start playing Aviator 1xbet. To do so, first of all, you need to register on the 1xbet platform using the official website or mobile app.

Start playing

Once you have created an account, you can start the gameplay in Aviator which involves the following steps:


Visit the 1xbet casino site.

Perform 1xbet Aviator login on the platform using your username and password;


Fund your account.

Fund your account with money using any payment method that is most convenient for you from the available ones;


Find the Aviator Game.

Open the Online Casino section and go to the Crash category. Click on the 1xbet Aviator game icon to launch it;


Place a bet.

Once in the Aviator game, enter the amount you want to bet and click the “Bet” button to start the round;


Withdraw your winnings.

Keep an eye on the game’s multiplier. The multiplier starts at 1.00x and increases as the aircraft gains altitude. When you are ready, click the “Cashout” button to get your winnings according to the current multiplier;


Enjoy your winnings.

Any winnings in Aviator live game will be instantly credited to your 1xbet account and can be withdrawn or used for further play.

The longer the aircraft flies, the higher the coefficient becomes. You can press the Cashout button and take your winnings at any moment of the round before the plane flies away from the playing field. The fact that the plane can take off at any time during the game, whether it is at a minimum multiplier of 1.50x or a maximum multiplier of x200, however, increases the level of excitement.

1xbet Aviator App

Play on the mobile app with any operating system

Every Bangladeshi user can enjoy playing Aviator on the go from their smartphones. For this purpose, the operator 1xbet offers a system mobile app for Android and iOS, which exactly replicates the functionality and features of the desktop version. The app is available for free download from the official website, has low system requirements, and opens up a wide range of opportunities to play Aviator from anywhere in Bangladesh.

Aviator APK for Android

Users of Android gadgets, with operating system 10.0 and above, can install the 1xbet app on their smartphone, which will allow them to play Aviator from anywhere. For the 1xbet Aviator App to run smoothly and seamlessly, the Android device must meet the following system requirements:

Android Available VersionsAndroid 10.0 or later
APK File Size, memory space67.90 MB
Processor1,4 GHz

Aviator iOS

For users of iOS devices, operator 1xbet also offers its free mobile app, which will unlock access to play Aviator. To play Aviator via the mobile app in a stable and lag-free manner, your iOS smartphone must meet the following system requirements:

iOS Available VersionsiOS 12.0 or later
APP File Size, memory space287.9 MB
Processor1,4 GHz

Download the 1xbet Aviator App

Install the mobile version of the game on any device

To play the 1 xbet Aviator game on the go, you can download the free mobile app to your Android and iOS device as follows:

Download App


Access the official 1xbet website via your smartphone browser;


Go to the mobile apps section by clicking on the smartphone icon;


Select the appropriate version for your device (Android or iOS) and click the download button;


Install the app on your mobile device.

Once the app is installed, the 1xbet icon will appear on your phone, offering quick access to Aviator and a host of other casino games.

1xbet Aviator Game Tricks

Useful tips for beginners

Aviator game 1xbet is based on random number generator technology, which makes it impossible to predict the outcome of each round. In addition, the Provably Fair technology used ensures that each round is fair and transparent. 

In this regard, we would like to give you some effective 1xbet Aviator game tricks and tell you about popular strategies that will help you increase your chances of winning:

  • Low-Risk Strategy.

This strategy is great for cautious players as it provides a steady, albeit modest profit over time. This strategy involves placing small bets for a steady win at low odds.

  • High-Risk Strategy.

If you like to take risks in the game, then this strategy is perfect for you. It involves placing large bets and expecting higher multipliers. The risks are higher, but the potential profit is also higher.

  • Martingale Strategy.

The Martingale strategy is used in many gambling games, including Aviator. It involves doubling the bet after each loss, aiming for a win that will cover previous losses. Once you get a win, you reduce your bet, and so on in a similar fashion. This method is quite risky and requires a good bankroll.

  • Double Bet Strategy.

In each round, you can place not one but two bets at the same time. With the Double Bet Strategy, you need to place the first bet for a large amount and press the Cashout button at small odds, for example, 1.50x-2.00x. For the second bet you place a smaller amount and wait for larger odds. This balanced strategy offers a combination of safety and potential big winnings.
We hope that these 1xbet Aviator tricks will help you win even more!

1xbet Aviator Bonus

Bonuses for Aviator players

You can get more ways to win when playing Aviator thanks to a generous welcome bonus! Every new user from Bangladesh will receive a Casino Welcome Package on their first five deposits up to 180,000 BDT + 150 FS. You can use the bonus cash to play Aviator on the official website and mobile app without risking your cash from your main balance!

Is it Worth Playing 1xbet Aviator Game

Aviator is a fascinating game that is particularly interesting due to its simplicity and the ability to win in just 2 clicks. If you are a gambler who likes thrills and risky games, then Aviator is for you! If you haven’t decided whether to play Aviator yet, you can try the demo mode for free, or take advantage of the 1xbet welcome bonus. Both of these options will allow you to familiarise yourself with the game’s interface and rules, explore the available features, and test your luck, attentiveness, intuition, and probability of making the right decisions.

1xbet Aviator Demo Mode

At 1xbet Bangladesh you can play Aviator online for free thanks to the demo mode. This is a mode where you play with virtual money and do not risk any real money from your main balance. Playing in demo mode will allow you to understand the game mechanics, and interface, as well as the process of placing bets and withdrawing winnings via the Cashout button. Once you’ve got that sorted out, you’ll be able to switch to real money-play mode at the click of a button.

1xbet Signals

An additional tool to help players form bets is 1xbet Aviator signals on various social media channels such as Telegram, WhatsApp, etc. The implication is that by using the 1xbet Aviator signal hack, users will be made aware of when to enter the round with the highest chances of winning. However, the use of such systems does not guarantee winning a round. Moreover, they can be designed by scammers to take over your personal and financial data.

1xbet Robo

On the Internet, you can find many different robots and automated systems that promise to make winning 1xbet Aviator predictions. We assure you that the use of such systems is illegal. Moreover, it is ineffective because the Provably Fair algorithm used in Aviator is responsible for the fairness and transparency of the round outcomes, and it is impossible to predict them either by yourself or with the help of robots and automated systems.

1xbet Bot

You can also find various social media bots on the internet, which also promise users to predict Aviator rounds where the maximum multiplier is expected. However, again, there is no guarantee that you will not get in trouble with the law when using such systems, nor is there any guarantee that your personal and financial data will be taken over by fraudsters.

1xbet Predictor

It is not uncommon for players to make attempts to hack the game to seize big winnings and use 1xbet Aviator predictor to do so. However, each of the 1 xbet Aviator predictors is unofficial and illegal programs that do not guarantee the safety of your data and a winning result. 

The developer Spribe has taken all the necessary security measures against hackers, so Aviator uses a random number generator and Provably Fair. Whichever 1xbet Aviator hack trick you apply, it is absolutely impossible to hack the game and predict the results of the rounds.

1xbet Aviator Cashout

For you to get good winnings in Aviator, it is important to understand at what point in the round to press the Cashout button. The secret to success in the Aviator game lies in making the right decision. If you understand at what point in the game it is better to stop, you can win pretty good money in Aviator. The longer the flight of the aircraft, the higher the multiplier, and therefore, the greater the risk of losing the bet. Therefore, the right decision to press the Cashout button will allow you to win rather than lose.

Best Time for Playing 1xbet Aviator

Best time to play Aviator

The RTP of the Aviator game is 97%, which is quite high. This means that players can make a good profit by betting on this game. As already mentioned, there are many different programmes, bots, and signals available online that supposedly predict high multipliers in rounds, but all of them are unreliable and useless. You can also find many reviews online from Aviator players that there are supposedly certain times and days to maximise your winnings. However, this is also not true, because Aviator is a game of luck. With the help of a random number generator and Provably Fair technology, the aircraft completes its flight at a random moment and different multipliers. Therefore, there is no way for any player to predict the outcomes of rounds and make money in Aviator in an unfair way.

Aviator FAQ

  • Can I play Aviator for free?

    Yes, because this game has a demo mode that allows you to play for virtual money. We recommend that you use it to get a better understanding of how Aviator’s algorithms work.

  • What are the minimum and maximum multipliers in Aviator?

    The minimum multipliers indicate that the aircraft can fly away at the very beginning of the round and all bets will be lost. The minimum multiplier at which an aircraft can fly away is 1.50x. The maximum multiplier set by the developer Spribe is 200x.

  • How to win in 1xbet Aviator?

    The outcome of each round is random as the game uses a random number generator and Provably Fair technology. This means that it is impossible to predict the outcomes of the rounds. We recommend that you keep a close eye on the multiplier growth and make the right withdrawal decisions.

  • Is 1xbet Aviator real or fake?

    Aviator is a true Crash-style gambling game developed by licensed provider Spribe. It utilises Provably Fair and RNG technology.

  • Is it reliable to play Aviator in Bangladesh?

    Yes, you don’t have to worry about your security when playing at 1xbet Aviator, as the provider Spribe has applied all the necessary measures to protect against hacking, and also the official 1xbet platform itself is licensed by Curacao.