1xbet General Betting Rules

The bookmaker accepts wagers following odds that reflect the perceived probability of each outcome across a list of wagering markets.

  1. Minimum wager limits for individual selections are $0.30/€0.20.
  2. The bookmaker independently establishes the minimum and maximum stakes for each selection. Maximum bet limits differ between events and sports. The minimum maximum stake limit shall apply whenever an accumulator (system) wager consists of multiple segments each with its stake limit.
  3. Each wager is limitless with a maximum return of €50,000 (or the corresponding amount in a foreign currency).
  4. Without providing a reason, the company reserves the right to impose any other restrictions, including limits or increases on the maximum stake and odds, and to impose such limitations or increases on specific markets and customers.
  5. It is within the bookmaker’s authority to declare as invalid any accurately anticipated multiple bets (bets on the same event or a mixture of outcomes with different odds). If these bets sum more than the maximum stake limitations that the bookmaker has established, then the bets will be paid at odds of 1.00.
  6. Once a wager is registered on the server and validated online, it is considered accepted. There is no way to change or cancel a registered wager.
  7. Bets can only be made in amounts that are less than or equal to the customer’s present account sum. After placing a bet, the stake is taken out of the account. After the bets are settled, the customer’s account is paid with the money.
  8. Pre-event bets are allowed; the event’s date, start time, and comments in the Sports part are just examples. Except for in-play (live) bets, which are bets made while an event is happening, any bet put after the event has begun will be automatically void. These kinds of bets will be good until the game is over.
  9. It’s not possible to change or remove SPORTS or LIVE bets, except in the situations listed in paragraphs 10–14.
  10. It is possible to cancel a single bet and get your cashback. Whenever one or more legs in an accumulator or system bet are stopped, those legs are taken out of the bet payment.
  11. If bets are settled wrong (for example, if the results were entered wrong), those bets will be paid out again. Bets made between the wrong settlement and the recalculation, on the other hand, will still be acceptable. If the bettor’s account is still negative after the recalculation, they cannot place any bets until they make a deposit.
  12. No sports event is considered delayed or scrapped until it is officially stated by the event manager, on the websites of sports teams, federations, or other sources of sports information. Whatever events are listed in the Sports part will be changed to reflect this.
  13. A customer will lose their bet if they intentionally lie to the staff (bookmaker workers) about betting, refunds, the outcome of an event, or any other information or requests of a similar nature. People under the age of 18 and their parents are also subject to this rule.
  14. A bet that was made on a known outcome (an event is over but the results have not been updated) will be thrown out.
  15. There can be more than one winner of an event, game, championship, etc. With the “simultaneous finish” rule. We split the stake amount by two when figuring out bets if there are two winners. There will be odds of “1” for all bets if three or more winners are revealed. The markets “To be higher” and “Match-up” don’t have to follow this rule.
  16. The Start Price, or SP, is the chance at the start. By combining the odds that competition organizers offer before the race starts, this term refers to the changes in effect at the start of a race.  If a competitor drops out before the event starts or doesn’t run in a race in line with tournament rules, a new SP market doesn’t form. In this case, all bets on that competitor will be void and paid at odds of 1.00.
  17. If you bet on a regional championship game (like football, soccer, hockey, etc.), you have 10 days to settle your bet after the official websites of those games post the results. In the “Main Sources of Information” part, you can find a list of official websites. We will settle all bets at odds of 1 (refund) if one of the teams doesn’t show up. In this case, the person who didn’t play loses the game.
  18. The following are acceptable short forms for events:
    1. CK – corner kicks
    2. ACE – aces
    3. SO – sendings-off
    4. PT – penalty time
    5. YC – yellow cards
    6. YRC – cards (yellow and red cards)
    7. MS – misses
    8. SOT – shots on target
    9. OFF – offsides
    10. F – fouls
    11. SOG – shots on goal
    12. EB – extra bets
    13. S – series
    14. FT – scored free throws
    15. 2P – scored 2-point field goals
    16. 3P – scored 3-point field goals
    17. R – rebounds
    18. AST – assists
    19. TOV – turnovers
    20. BLK – blocks
    21. DF – double faults
    22. PC – hitting a post or crossbar
    23. BS – blocked shots
    24. C – checking
    25. I – icing
    26. WF – winning face-off

Bet Slip Sale

The company provides a “Bet Slip Sale” option. If a consumer does not want to wait until their bet is resolved, they may sell the bet slip back to the company in part or whole and get funds in their account immediately. The feature is accessible under the “My Account – Bet History” or “My Bets” tabs on the bet slip.

In the bet slip sale dialog box, the client has the option of making a complete or partial sale. In this box, the consumer may choose how much of their money they want returned to their gaming account. The remainder of the amount will be kept on their bet slip and considered when the bet is settled. Press the “Sell” button to confirm the quantities.

The minimum and maximum sums that customers may get returned to their accounts are calculated on a case-by-case, based on the precise wager made. In certain situations, the consumer may only be able to sell the whole betting slip. In other circumstances, depending on the bet, the client may be allowed to sell the bet slip in portions and many transactions within the stake limit.

The longer a consumer stays in the bet slip sale dialog box after it has been opened, the more likely it is that the price offered to sell the bet slip will vary. If the circumstances around the event change, the price given for selling the bet slip may also change.

Bet slips may be sold for singles, accumulators, and system bets.

It is impossible to sell a betting slip if:

  • The bet has been settled.
  • One or more outcomes on the bet slip have been blocked. 
  • Some outcomes on the bet slip cannot be sold.
  • The bet slip is insured.
  • The bet slip has already been sold. 
  • The price given to the client has changed. In this situation, the consumer must choose fresh amounts from the bet slip sale dialog box.
  • A bet slip sale might also be denied at the discretion of the Betting Company.

If for some reason the service isn’t available, the company isn’t responsible. Anytime, for any reason, the Company can stop the service for any gaming event without giving a cause. If technology problems are found at any point during the sale, the bet slip sale can be stopped. When this happens, bets are paid normally based on how the event turned out.

The company does not promise that any bets made on the website will be able to be sold. Before the bet is taken, the customer can’t know if it can be sold. The Company won’t budge on the price it charges to sell the bet slip. At the set price, the customer can either agree to the terms of the sale or refuse to sell the bet slip.

You can also use the “Auto sell” feature. A customer writes down how much he wants to get for the bet slip. The odds will keep changing the price of the bet slip for sale, and the slip will be sold immediately when the price hits the amount that was set.

A buyer can sell all or part of the bet slip before the bet is automatically sold. This will turn off the “Auto sell” feature. 

“Auto-sell” terms are the same as “Bet slip sale” rules and limits.

Bet Insurance

The service of insurance requires payment. The cost of insurance is based on how likely it is that the event the insurance covers will happen. The customer can partially or fully cover a bet. Single bets and accumulators can both be covered by insurance. 

Other types of bets can’t be covered by insurance. People who have bet on a protected event can’t use the “Sell bet slip” option. If a bet loses, the customer will get back the part of the bet that was protected.

As an example. It was a €10 bet with odds of 1.8. The customer wants to protect all of their bets. It costs €5 to get protection from the broker. If the customer agrees, €5 will be taken out of their account. Here’s how it works:

  • If the bet wins, the customer gets back the full amount of €18.
  • Should the bet lose, the customer will get €10 back because the whole stake was protected for €10.
  • If the bet is returned (with a chance of 1), the customer will get the insurance price back in their account.

Customers can buy more than one protection policy for the same bet.

  • In this case, the customer can first cover 10%, then 30%, and finally 50%. Keep in mind that the price of the insurance can change because the odds can change.
  • The total amount of all the insurance plans could not be more than the share.

The Company is not accountable if the service is unavailable due to a technical problem. The Company maintains the right to stop the service at any moment for any betting event without providing a reason. If technological issues are found, the bet slip insurance may be canceled, and bets are paid as usual depending on the event result.

The Company can not guarantee that any bets made on the website will be covered. The consumer has the option of accepting the supplied terms or refusing to insure the bet slip at the specified price.

Bet Slip Editing

Bet slip editing is accessible for single and accumulator bets both before and during the play, and bet slip sales are also available.

The Bet slip editing tool allows the customer to modify, add, and remove bets from an accumulator. Replace, add, or eliminate one or more bets. However, the stakes are unchangeable.

Replacing Bet

  • If more than one bet in an accumulator is changed, the same amount of fee will be taken out as would have been paid for a full bet slip sale.
  • You can only swap out a bet for another bet in the same market. In this case, if W1 was picked at first, it can only be changed to X (Draw) or W2. When a customer wants to make a change, they should make sure that the bet they want to add is still available.

Deleting Bet

  • It is possible to remove one or more bets.
  • Anyone who deletes one or more bets from an accumulator must pay a commission equal to the fee that would apply for a full bet slip sale.

Adding Bet

  • You may add one or more bets.
  • Adding more than one bet to a bet slip will not cost you a fee.
  • When you add more bets to a bet slip, the chances of the bets that were already chosen will not change.

There will be no fee for the new type of bet slip, just the fee we charge for selling a full bet slip. Anytime that happens, the odds of the bets you made at first will change, unless you switch from a single bet slip to an accumulator slip.

Pressing “Save changes” is necessary to confirm any changes made to a bet slip.

It is not possible to change a bet slip after it has been partly sold or covered. Editors are also not allowed to change bet slips that are put into bonus offers or deals.

Bet Slip Check

You can check the Bet Slip coupon on the official 1xbet website by following these steps:

  1. Go to the official 1xbet website.
  2. Next, go to the bet slip check tab.
  3. Enter your coupon number.
  4. All you have to do is pass the captcha check and press the check button.

You can see the number of bet slips in the area of the user’s bet history.