Legal Disclaimer

The company is not responsible for events that occur outside its direct control.

The company’s technology and business is complex and changing, due to constantly changing technical support and imperfect legislation. Therefore, the company provides full, but cannot guarantee error-free operation of its services. In addition, if the user follows links to other websites, in this case, the platform will not be responsible for preserving the level of guaranteed confidentiality of the client’s data. Such websites are not under the control of the company’s security systems and are therefore not subject to the paragraphs of this policy. The customer should familiarize themselves with the guidelines of these external services and act on them as he deems necessary. We emphasize that third-party sites and their software may receive and analyze your private details at their option. This also extends to the right to share data with outside entities if this fact is noted in their list of terms and conditions. Therefore, always familiarize yourself with all the rules of the site and be careful.

Moreover, the company cannot guarantee the security of data at the moment when it is transmitted through communication channels.

All data sent by the user is sent at his own risk.

The company also assumes no liability for direct/indirect expenses arising from the illegal use or theft of any user’s private data.